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Working Capital to Corporate Clients
Working Capital to Corporate Clients

Banco do Brasil S.A., New York Branch offers to its Corporate Clients with good credit risk, financial loans intended to meet your Company’s working capital requirements.


Maximum 360 days, could be longer on an exceptional basis.

Applicable rate

On case by case basis, as approved by Banco do Brasil S.A.


Those required according to the customer’s credit limit, and credit risk, as established by Banco do Brasil S.A.

Execution of Documents (*)

Documents required usually:
  • Facility Agreement
  • Promissory Note
  • Pledge Agreement or Guaranty Agreement
(*) All documents will be prepared and furnished by Banco do Brasil S.A., New York Branch.

Other characteristics and conditions:
  • This facility is available to Banco do Brasil S.A. corporate clients having an updated financial and commercial file in Banco do Brasil S.A., a valid credit limit, without restrictions and a financial and economic position compatible with the liability to be assumed.
  • All such loans are made on secured basis only, which may require a guarantee or acceptable Collateral, and Uniform Commercial Code filings in U.S.A.
  • The Corporate clients with good credit risk, and available Credit Limits with Banco do Brasil S.A., may not require Guaranties.
  • For additional information, please contact Banco do Brasil S.A., New York Branch, Corporate Finance Department, at Telephone Number 1-212-626-7146.
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